Affichage des articles du novembre, 2014

Singapore Art: Koh Liang Jiang

-Bilingual Article-

“Ant swarming City
City full of dreams
Where in broad day the specter tugs your sleeve”  Charles Baudelaire

In Singapore I visited galleries, museums, trying to escape from the city. Art is a need. Art keeps your imagination alive. Sunday, when I entered Chan Hamp Gallery and I saw "Academy Rules" the current exhibition, I became quiet. Koh Liang Jiang, Loi Cai Xiang, Nyein Su, Yeo Jian Long: four young artist recently graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) are exposing. From one world to another, different techniques are used, oil or ink, realist or abstract, each young artist prouve that creativity in Singapore is flourishing. 
I spend an hour looking at Koh Liang Jiang's ink. He draws cities going out from his mind, with remarquables details, each one in perpetual movement. Fantasy highly detail make Koh Liang Jiang's city real in a way. His style reminds comics, such as Cités Obscures, adding militarization and severity in the expression…

Use of public space in Singapore and Paris

“Life without speech and without action ... has ceased to be a human life because it is no longer lived among men.” Hannah Arend 

In May 1968, after several weeks of discussions due to the economic crisis and the cultural, social and political context, students took down Nanterre, and then La Sorbonne. Thousands of people walked the streets and workers started strikes, which lead the French president De Gaulle to leave office, dissolve the assembly and organize early elections, which were won by his party, despite what people thought. This movement became emblematic for France, but especially for Paris, a city where protest are part of the day to day life, an old tradition that may took its origin with the French Revolution of 1789. The street, political use of the public space, are for the Parisians a way to show their happiness, discontent or fears. The use of public space doesn’t belong only to left parties, last year more than a million of people walked from Denfert-Rochereau to Inv…