Affichage des articles du septembre, 2015

Globalization, Identity and the fear of immigration.

"Agis dans ton lieu, pense avec le monde" - Act in your own place, think with the world. Edouard Glissant

Edouard Glissant, Martinique philosopher, writer and poet, wrote about slavery and colonialism and at a larger scale the Man. 
For him man is changing all the time, and the colonization was a sign of the change man needs.
Men can be with others, mingle, have multiple entities, but still have their own identity.  In the Antilles the population suffered from the slavery and colonialism but an unpredictable and amazing interaction happened, with the creation of the creole language. He called it "creolization". It used to be the language the colonizer used to talk to the slave, and that West Indian (Antillais in french) learned and developed into the language used today. He then realized this phenomena was happening everywhere in the world. In the Parisian suburbs for example, the favelas etc... The creolization is different from interbreeding, since it's not based …