Affichage des articles du avril, 2016

Invisible Architecture & Human Perception: Smells and Spaces

"Two characteristics demanded of the building are stability and solidity. A purpose of the building is keep the outside outside and the inside spatially defined and materially certain. Traditionally, threats from outside come in a number of guises, notably inclement weather conditions and undesirable people. Both are associated with the formless, fluid, unstable and unpredictable.The threat of external factors is psychological and social as much as physical and, sometimes, the threat of the outsider fuses with the threat of the outside, so that one becomes a metaphor of the other" Jonathan Hill 

        The word “architecture”encompass an amazing amount of diverse worlds. According to the Oxford dictionary it is “the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings” or “the complex or carefully designed structure of something 1”. Based on these definitions, we can say that architecture is not only the building in itself but the structure, the project, the reflection an…