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Pychotropic Architecture I - Kiesler's Endless House

“Form does not follow function. Function follows vision. Vision follows reality.” Friederich Kiesler

I/ Introduction to psychotropic architecture: Kiesler's Endless House.

          In the popular culture, as long as the human does not turn into a cyborg, architecture is a necessity. It is seen as a protection against the environment. Through history and geopolitical reasons, the way we live has shaped our buildings, letting them evolved from fortification to places as open as possible. But one could argue that our built environment influenced our way of life, especially with urbanization after the French Enlightenment in the occidental world. In the book Bio-politics and the Emergence of Modern Architecture, Sven-Olov Wallenstein applies Foucault's concept to the architectural world and goes beyond, linking the emergence of modern architecture and modern power. For the author, since the bio-political is related to a “spacialization of the power”1, architecture is a materiali…